About Us

Pathway Global is an international practice focused on building human talent for supporting socially responsible, ethical, and faith based financial institutions, from private banking to mass market, from blue ocean expansion, to micro-finance based social inclusion.

Our Mission

At Pathway Global USA: We offer Leadership Trainings in many disciplines…

We help improve lives – So let us help you grow !​

​We are committed to delivering excellent products and services to our customers across the globe. Our approach to business is simply based on two core themes: “Our duty as your professional service provider; and your right as our valued customer”.

We are committed to our core themes, and we invite you to leverage our products and services to grow your talent in IT, business and finance.

Innovation & Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR)

​​We believe “Socially Responsible Innovation is part of our Job Description”. We promote Riba Free products which offer ethically responsible benefits for the environment and advocate poverty elimination via equitable distribution of risks and rewards.

Risk Management & Compliance

Our policy on risk management and compliance is based on a very simple philosophy – Compliance is like a Binary system, only two possibilities 0/1. There is no truth or value in being partially compliant because that automatically indicates a partial breach. Therefore, we ideally focus on 100% compliance or zero tolerance for breach and realistically aim to achieve acceptable level of compliance and risk as defined by regulatory authorities.

Our Vision

We are a value driven organization very much focused on timeless values and business ethics. Our values of integrity and professionalism in solving our clients’ problems, in spreading beneficial knowledge with service excellence; and our passion to assist our clients pursuing the path to success, defines who we are.

Our Team

Our team of dedicated professionals and scholars are ready to provide you with Sharia compliant structuring solutions for all your requirements.

We have a versatile professional team, specialized in various business domains, with a proven track record of living up to our client’s expectations and maintaining confidentiality of information.

We build trust and mutually beneficial long-term business relationships by doing the right thing, the first time.

These are the fundamental beliefs of our global team of consultants, trainers and advisors. These guide our actions and behavior. And influence the way we work with flawless execution to deliver high quality service results to our clients and to each other. We strive to bring our values to life every day in order to benefit all humanity.

Global Strategic Alliance Consulting Partners

We are part of a global network of business and financial services professionals serving clients globally, rapidly, effectively and efficiently.

We are an end-to-end solution provider for all your business requirements working together with our strategic alliance partners. If there are solutions, which we trust and verify and their ownership rests with a different entity, we become trust worthy value added partners with them to satisfy the needs of our clients.​