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About the Digital Marketing Live Training

Grow Your Business with Digital Marketing: Social Media Marketing, Facebook, Content, YouTube, Email Marketing, Websites

Digital Marketing Live Training Overview

You’re looking for a complete digital marketing course to teach you everything you need to become a digital marketing expert, right?

You’ve found the right digital marketing course!

With the skills learned in our digital marketing course, you can:

  • GROW your own business
  • LAND a job in this hot marketing industry
  • HELP a client increase their business

We want to help you grow your business with social media marketing, content marketing, email marketing, and more!


Most of the tools and strategies we recommend and teach you to use are completely free!

Learning facts of digital marketing live training:

  • You will learn how to use dozens of proven digital marketing strategies
  • You will improve your brand identity and grow your brand’s audience
  • You will learn social media marketing using all of the most popular social media platforms to grow your business
  • You will grow your email list, website traffic, subscriber count, and social media following
  • You will see tangible results by taking action throughout the entire course
  • You will increase conversions and sales with real world techniques

Who this course is for?

  • Entrepreneurs, business owners, bloggers, YouTubers, social media fans
  • Website owners who want to increase web traffic, conversions, and sales
  • Business owners who want to use digital marketing (social media, content marketing, YouTube, and many other strategies) to grow their business
  • Anyone wanting to do your own marketing – and not waste money

What do you get when you enroll?

  • Lifetime support when required
  • Personalized support and answers to your questions
  • Pathway Global certificate of completion
  • 15-Day 100% money back guarantee.

Training Schedule

Training Duration: 3 months
Weekly Class: 3 days; 

Time: 24:00 hour format UTC+0

(1)Sunday-Tuesday-Thursday: Batch:1-2:00-5:00;

                                                         Batch:2- 6:00-9:00


                                                           Batch:4- 13:00-16:00)

Each Class Duration: 3 hours

Students can join on different batch sometimes if someone needs off.

Training Requirements

Absolutely no experience is required. We will start from the basics and gradually build up your knowledge. Everything is provided in the course.

Training Language

English. For Bangladeshi students we can arrange special batch in Bengali language.

Get Ready To Take Action

Throughout the entire course, you’ll be taking action!

You’ll learn the proper techniques and strategies for each section. Then you’ll see how these strategies are used in the real world with case studies. Finally, you’ll take action yourself, and see real results!

About The Digital Marketing Instructor

Digital Marketing InstructorGreat courses for beginners

I’ll teach you the skills necessary to stand out from the crowd. Whether it’s a personal passion or a business pursuit, you can learn marketing skills, WordPress website design, Affiliate marketing and more here.

Learn by doing

Step-by-step live tutorials and project-based learning.

Get support

One-on-one support from experts that truly want to help you.

Don’t stress. have fun.

With my happiness guarantee, you have nothing to worry about. Become a member or join an individual course today. We have a 15-day money-back guarantee on this course.

More about Iqbal Hossain

I graduated from International Islamic University Chittagong of Electrical and Electronic Engineering in 2012. I have over 10 years of extensive working experience in Digital marketing, Web-research, Website Designing and Data Entry.

I conducts training programs, workshops or delivers talks on Digital Marketing Strategy, Website Designing, Search Engine Optimization, Content Marketing, affiliate marketing, Social Media Marketing, Search Advertising, Mobile Marketing and Analytics.

Since 2014, I’ve been started teaching digital marketing that over 1k students from around the world have enrolled. If I can’t teach it , I collaborate with other experts who share their skills with absolute beginners.

I can’t wait to see you in class!

Complete Training Fees

Three month long digital marketing live training  regular fees is $299 only. Current Offer: $199

Complete Course Fees: Regular $299; Current Offer $199 only

Course Content

  • Introduction to Digital Marketing
  • Digital marketing Tools
  • Career Opportunities
  • Learn Our Digital Marketing System in 10 Minutes
  • Course Roadmap-Where should you begin?
  • Resources
  • Define Your Purpose
  • Case Study: Brand’s Purposes
  • Position Your Brand
  • Case Study: Amazon and Harley Davidson Positioning Statements
  • Assignment 1: Define your business
  • Unique Selling Position
  • Personality: What is yours?
  • Case Study: 3+ Brands show their personality
  • Find your audiences
  • Assignment: 2: Where is your Audiences
  • ACTION ITEM: Where is your audience
  • Your business idea
  • Validate your business idea
  • CASE STUDY: Survey Audience
  • Business & Target Audience Supplemental Reading List
  • Branding Basics
  • Case Study: 3 Companies with Great ‘Brand’ Strategies
  • Tools for Creating Graphics
  • Brand Assets
  • Quick Canva Tutorial
  • Quick Photoshop Tutorial
  • Brands Supplemental Reading List
  • What is Content Marketing?
  • Why Should You Use Content Marketing?
  • Define Your Content Strategy
  • Content Marketing Funnel
  • Come Up with Content Ideas
  • Create Great Content
  • What type of content should  you create?
  • How to actually create content?
  • Promote Your Content
  • The ‘Stick with It’ Attitude
  • Analyze Your Content and Improve
  • Copywriting Basics
  • A.I.D.A.
  • Case Study: A Sales Page That Works
  • Commandments of Copywriting
  • Write Better Headlines
  • Write Quality Articles
  • Improve Your Website’s SEO
  • Supplemental Reading List
  • Assignment
  • Introduction to domain, hosting, control panel and website
  • Selecting domain name, Purchasing hosting
  • Control panel and necessary tools
  • Website Tools & Why I Use WordPress
  • Intro to the WordPress Course Lessons
  • Installing and navigating WordPress
  •  Install a new theme
  • Add a Static Home Page
  • Editing a Page & Change the Site Title
  • Add and Edit a Menu
  • Publishing Your Website
  • Writing a New Post & Organizing Your Blog
  • Blog Page Design – Excerpts vs. Full Content
  • Adding a Video to Your Website
  • Customize the Sidebar
  • Change Your Site Icon
  • Change Your Site Icon with a Plugin
  • Make Your Website Responsive and Mobile Friendly
  • Customize the Footer Information
  • Find, Install, and Activate Plugins
  • Backing Up Your Website
  • Securing Your Site from Attackers
  • Make Your Site SEO Friendly
  • Make Your Website Faster
  • See Google Analytics in WordPress
  • Uses of Plugins
  • SSL Certificates – Secure & Encrypt User Data
  • Secure Contact Forms
  • Add Comments
  • Free Email marketing in WordPress
  • Pages needed for us
  • Adding Social Sharing Button
  • Design a special Home and About Page.
  • Assignment and Resources
  • Easy Email Marketing Funnels
  • Email Marketing Tools
  • Create a Lead Magnet
  • ACTION ITEM: Plan Your Lead Magnet
  • Add Opt-In Forms to Your Website
  • Segment and Tag Your Audience
  • Create Email Sequences
  • Write Better Email Subject Lines
  • Use Reports to Analyze Success
  • Email Marketing with Mailer lite and Mailchimp
  • Scheduling Automation
  • Introduction to SMM
  • Explore different Social media platforms and marketing Strategy
  • Facebook, twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn
  • Assignment
  • Introduction to Facebook Page
  • Why Facebook Pages are Important for your Business
  • Creating an Optimized Facebook Page for your Business
  • Adding Essential Information to your Facebook Page
  • Selecting your Profile Image
  • Creating a Professional Facebook Cover Images
  • Writing a Captivating Description for your Page
  • Getting your Facebook Page Username & URL
  • Assignment 4: Create your Facebook Page
  • Monetize your facebook page
  • Top 9 Ways to Monetize your Facebook page
  • Exploring Publishing tools
  • Scheduling Posts
  • Facebook Call-To-Action Button
  • How to Spy your Competitors on Facebook
  • Facebook Insight
  • Promoting Facebook Page
  • Four Unlimited sources of Royalty Free Image for your Facebook
  • Turn ANY image into a clickable Facebook Post
  • Why Facebook Group
  • Start Facebook group for audience
  • Create Facebook Group
  • Group Tips: Grow and engage audience
  • Posting Types, Live Streaming to Groups, and Scheduling Posts
  • Facebook For Local Business
  • How Facebook Ads Can Help your Local Business to Grow
  • This is the Plan for your Local Business
  • Reaching people around your business
  • Assignment: Create a Facebook Ad for your Local Business
  • Introduction to Facebook Ads
  • Introduction to the Facebook Ads Manager
  • Setting up your Payment account for Ads
  • Defining your Target Audience
  • Level 1 – Creating the Ad Post
  • Level 1 – Boosting Your Post
  • Level 2 – Creating your Ad in the Ads Manager
  • Tips to get your Ad approved by Facebook
  • Analyzing the Results
  • Assignment : Creating you First Facebook Ad
  • What is Facebook Retargeting and Why is Important for you
  • Creating a Facebook Pixel
  • Installing the Pixel in WordPress
  • Installing the Pixel in other websites (non-Wordpress)
  • Assignment 6: Installing the Facebook Pixel on your Website.
  • Testing the Facebook Pixel
  • Creating your Audience with the Facebook Pixel
  • Facebook Pixel Advanced Audience Creation
  • Message “Your Audience is too small”
  • Creating a Facebook Ad with the Pixel Audience
  • How Facebook Ads Can Help your Local Business to Grow
  • This is the Plan for your Local Business
  • Reaching people around your business
  • Creating your Local Business Facebook Ad
  • Assignment : Create a Facebook Ad for your Local Business
  • How to Optimize Your Audience Detailed Targeting on Facebook Ads
  • How to Use Tags to Reach more people on Social Media
  • Breaking News! Facebook is changing the rules. How to protect your Pages?
  • How to Check if Facebook Shared your Data with Cambridge Analytica
  • What is Periscope
  • Creating Your Periscope Account
  • Using Periscope like a Pro
  • Live Scope Stats
  • How Often to Periscope
  • Ideal Periscope session length
  • Using Powerful titles in your scopes
  • Getting feedback from your Audience
  • Using your scopes in other Channels
  • Optional equipment that will make your scopes looks professional
  • Assignment: Let’s do a Periscope Session
  • Using Different Social Media Streaming to Grow your Business
  • Basic Equipment for Social Media Streaming
  • Case Study: Livestream Setup
  • Planning an Irresistible Live Streaming Session
  • Facebook Live Basics
  • Running a Facebook Live Session from your Smartphone
  • Sharing our Facebook Live Session
  • 3 ways to Reuse your Facebook Live Session for Ads or Posts
  • YouTube Live Basics
  • Running a YouTube Live From your Smartphone
  • Instagram Live
  • Periscope Live
  • Introduction to OBS Broadcaster software
  • Setting up your OBS Software
  • Using OBS Studio Mode
  • Facebook Live Streaming with OBS
  • YouTube Live Streaming with OBS
  • Simultaneous Streaming to Facebook, YouTube and Periscope
  • Other awesome software for Live Streaming
  • Assignment : Let’s do a Social Media Live Streaming Session!
  • Why Twitter and How it can Help your Business
  • Choosing the Best Username
  • 4 Tips to Choose Your Twitter Handle
  • Creating your Twitter account
  • Creating an Outstanding Twitter Profile Page
  • Adding your Profile and Header Photo
  • Writing an Optimized Twitter Bio
  • Assignment : Write an Optimized Twitter Profile Description
  • Pin the Most Important Tweet for Your Audience
  • Connecting with Other Influencers
  • Twitter Hashtags
  • Adding Twitter buttons to your Website
  • Adding Twitter Widgets to your Website
  • Twitter Advertising – Creating your Ads Account
  • Twitter Advertising – Adding your Payment Method
  • Twitter Advertising – Creating other Twitter Ads
  • Twitter Advertising – Promoting a Tweet
  • Why Instagram and How it can Help your Business
  • Instagram for Business – What’s our Strategy
  • Create an Instagram for Business Profile
  • #1 Building a Killer Instagram Profile(4 Examples)
  • Accessing the Ads Manager
  • Creating your First Instagram Ad
  • Creating your Instagram Ad inside the App
  • Assignment : Create an Instagram Ad!
  • Important Tips to have a successful Ad campaign
  •  Mistakes People Make on Instagram (5 Examples)
  • Tools to Create Viral Instagram Photos
  • Create Viral Instagram Photos
  • Adding Your Logo or Website to your Instagram Photos
  • Instagram Live Video
  • Why Pinterest and How it can help your Business
  • Opening a Pinterest Business Account
  • Linking Pinterest with Your Website and Getting a Verified Account
  • Linking Pinterest with Other Social Media Platforms
  • Optimizing your Pinterest Profile
  • Creating Boards
  • Assignment: Create two Pinterest Boards in your Profile
  • Using “Secret” Boards
  • The Powerful Pinterest Notification
  • Adding Pinterest Chrome Extension
  • Adding Pinterest to Your Website
  • Pinterest Ads – Getting Started
  • Pinterest Ads – The Ads Panel Overview
  • Pinterest Ads – Creating a Campaign
  • Pinterest Ads – Creating Pinterest Ads Fast
  • The Official Pinterest Ads Manager Guide
  • Pinterest Ads – Analytics
  • LinkedIn Marketing
  • Setting up your LinkedIn Profile
  • Adding Experience, Skills, Accomplishments to your Profile
  • Adding a Professional Background Photo
  • Adding Media (video/photos) to your LinkedIn Profile
  • Changing your LinkedIn URL
  • Adding Your Website to LinkedIn
  • Creating Shareable Content on LinkedIn
  • Creating a LinkedIn Company Page
  • Managing your LinkedIn Company Page
  • Publishing content in your LinkedIn Company Page
  • Getting $50 Bonus in Ads Credits
  • LinkedIn Ads Introduction
  • Creating a LinkedIn Sponsored Content Ad
  • Waiting for LinkedIn Ad approval
  • Creating a LinkedIn Text Ads Campaign
  • Creating a LinkedIn Sponsored InMail Campaign
  • Quick view at the Campaign Manager
  • Assignment: Create an Optimize your LinkedIn Profile
  • YouTube Basics
  • Case Study: YouTube Sales Funnel
  • SEO: Watch Time vs. View Count
  • YouTube Keyword Research
  • Start Your YouTube Channel
  • Design and Add Channel Art
  • Add Your Channel Description
  • Customize Your Channel Layout
  • ACTION ITEM: Create Your YouTube Channel
  • Increase YouTube Subscriptions by 400%
  • Add a YouTube Channel Trailer
  • Verify Your Channel and More Important Settings
  • Upload Defaults, Featured Content, and Branding
  • Uploading a Video: Titles, Descriptions, Thumbnails, and Tags
  • Adding YouTube Cards and End Screens
  • YouTube Analytics
  • The Community Tab
  • Going Live on YouTube
  • Free Music Library on YouTube
  • Create a YouTube Ad / Promote Your Videos
  • Spy on Your Competitors with Social Blade
  • TubeBuddy Tutorial: Optimize Your YouTube Experience
  • Video Marketing Basics
  • Video Equipment for Beginners
  • Tools to Help Make Your Videos Look Pro
  • Structure a Video that Sells
  • Video Production Bootcamp Intro
  • You Need These Things to Make a Great Video
  • Create the RIGHT Video for Your Brand
  • Come Up with a GREAT Video Idea
  • Plan Your Video
  • Intro to Equipment
  • Camera Options
  • Microphone Options
  • Lighting Options
  • Editing Tools
  • Exposing Your Shot
  • Compose Your Shot
  • Filming Yourself
  • Getting the Right Shot
  • Choose a Background
  • Office Setup
  • Shooting with a Smartphone
  • Choosing the Right Microphone
  • Record Better Audio in Any Environment
  • Basic Video Lighting: 3-Point Setup
  • Google Adwords for your Business
  • How Google Adwords works?
  • Examples of Google Adwords Ads that we are Creating
  • Setting up your Adwords Account
  • Exploring the Adwords Interface
  • Finding the Best Keywords for your Business with Keyword Planner
  • Creating a Google Adwords Search Campaign
  • Selecting your Audience
  • Choosing your Bid Settings
  • Creating an Ad Group and Adding Keywords
  • Finalizing your Google Adwords Ad
  • Managing your Campaign and Analytics
  • Creating a YouTube Ad with Google Adwords
  • Your Next Steps…
  • Assignment : Create a Google Ads Ad
  • Different Terms that matter of Google Ads
  • Set Up Google Analytics
  • Navigating the Google Analytics Dashboard
  • Know Your Audience Better with Analytics
  • User Acquisition and Behavior Flow
  • See Where Visitors Click on Your Website
  • User Behavior and Site Speed
  • Setting Up Goals with Google Analytics
  • Google webmaster tool
  • Bing webmaster tool
  • The Best and Most Affordable Equipment Around
  • Get Your Voice Recorded with Excellent Quality
  • Editing out Mistakes
  • Getting Pro Audio Quality with Effects
  • Adding Catchy Intro and Outro Music
  • Exporting Your Show
  • Making an MP3, The Right Way
  • Quiz
  • Setting Up A Hosting Account
  • Posting Your Show
  • Prepping for iTunes
  • Submitting to iTunes
  • Submitting to Stitcher
  • Quiz
  • Introduction to SEO
  • In-depth Site Analysis
  • Initial Backlinks analysis
  • Mobile Usability Check
  • Keyword Research
  • Site speed check
  • Ahrefs
  • Title & Meta Tags Optimization
  • Content Optimization /Article writing or structuring
  • Mobile site optimization
  • Internal Link Structuring & Optimization
  • Pages H tags Optimization
  • Canonicalization/301 Redirect
  • Schema Markup Implementation
  • Image & Hyperlink Optimization
  • Sitemap Creation and Submission
  • Blog Writing
  • Informational Content Writing & Sharing
  • Press Release Writing & Distribution
  • Press Release Social Bookmarking
  • Guest Blog Outreach
  • Guest Blog Social Bookmarking
  • Q&A Posting
  • Google SERPs
  • Organic Click Through Rate
  • Find untapped keywords
  • Optimize your content for Google
  • Promote your content
  • Boost Off-Page SEO With Backlinks
  • Improve E-A-T
  • Bonus Off-Page SEO Techniques
  • Explore the benefits of sales funnel
  • Difference between page like and lead
  • Lead Generate at organic way By blogging, From others social media
  • From competitor’s page, From related fb group, From friendlist of influencer, By
    Email signature
  • Lead Nurturing Technique
  • Convert to sell
  • Introduction to HubSpot & CRM
  • Different types of form
  • Free Live chat
  • Website integration
  • Convert lead to Sell
  • Understand How Affiliate Marketing Works and How You Can Get Started Right Now
  • Review the Tools Needed to Create the Best Foundation for Your New Business
  • How to Make the Most Money With Your Affiliate Marketing Website
  • General thoughts on choosing a niche
  • Affiliate programs vs. networks
  • The Secret Most Marketers Never Tell You About Making Big Profits Online
  • Affiliate marketplace
  • A to Z Amazon Affiliate marketing

Have a question? Please feel free to reach out via contact form or direct instructor.