Frequently Ask Questions


Ans: Just login and go to account page. There you can see an option delete account. Click on it.

Live Training

Financial Analyst Live Training Schedule:

Training Duration: 3 months
Days Per Week: 2 days
Each Class Duration: 3 hours

Digital Marketing Live Training:

Training Duration: 3 months
Weekly Class: 3 days;

Each Class Duration: 3 hours 

Time: 24:00 hour format UTC+0

(1)Sunday-Tuesday-Thursday: Batch:1-2:00-5:00;

Batch:2- 6:00-9:00


Batch:4- 13:00-16:00)

Each Class Duration: 3 hours

Example: Suppose you are from India and you want to select batch time. Then just add UTC+5:3(Batch3-9:00+5:30=14:30 or 2:30 PM)

Ans: Yes. Please contact us with details. Based on your circumstances we will decide the waiver.


Ans: Please have a look at the lower left footer in our website. There you will find all required information about Pathway Global affiliate.

Ans: We pay after 10 days after receive a order from referral. We have some limitations so we are unable to pay before this timeframe.


Ans: Purchasing with Pathway Global is super simple. Visit the course or live training you are interested to enroll then checkout or pay with PayPal. Our payment system is very secure. All the payment is processed on stripe or paypal server not in our website. So you don’t have to worry before making a payment. If you buy a video recorded course then we will register you to our LMS and forward details via email. And if you buy a live training we will do everything you to get started the class and forward details in your email.

Ans: Sure! We will love to give you more easy way to buy our courses. To do so, please submit a ticket providing details on ticket description box.

Ans: You can’t cancel your purchase. Because we have free class. You can take decision while taking free class.