“The reality speaks the right application that identify, the solution of economic crises”

The prevailing infirmity in managing the Man, Money, Commodity and Services, as the factor of production for economic stability, identifies issues that are damaging the socioeconomic life of humanity. These issues revolve around:

  • Riba as the combination of evil and sins?
  • Scarce Economics resources against unlimited human wants?
  • Loan the liability wiping out the concept of participation and development of entrepreneurship?
  • Banking, the shop to buy and sell the money?
  • The value of the money against the value of commodity and services
  • Rate used to yield the profit which is a real interest?
  • Saving an important element in banking rather than the saver?

These myths, mysteries and methods behind the universal economic crises need a diagnostic function through Islam and its economic system to exposed Man as the Source, Money as Force, Commodity as Need and Services as Support for the socioeconomic development and not just an economic development through Islamic Banking and Applied Finance.


  1. Introduction to Islamic Economics System
  2. Introduction, difference and application of Riba, Interest and Profit
  3. Introduction of Finance that differ with loan
  4. Framework of Islamic Banking
  5. Islamic Financial Products for Ability, Commodity, Equity and Property through Equity Investment and Capitalization instrument
  6. Terms of Islamic Banking, Finance and Economics
  7. Numerical application on Islamic Financial Products
  8. Case Study presentation on the effectiveness of Islamic Financial products through Islamic Banking system

Course Duration

12 working days with 5 hours teaching time including Quiz, Test and Exercises.

Training and Teaching Methods

  1. The Certificate consist of 8 units on topic mention in the course outline
  2. Lectures supported by audio and video clips as and where required.
  3. Eight units documented with the text as part of the lecture which can be printed but lectures cannot be downloaded.
  4. Eight unit supported by teacher participation live on daily basis.
  5. Islamic financial products are divided into two parts consist of theoretical part and numerical part with numerical exercises and tests.
  6. A topic be assigned on which a short report to be submitted by the learner
  7. Every lecture attached with quiz of 20 question.

Short Courses

Title: In Search of Economic Model of Islam
Duration: One Day 6 Hours
Topics Covered:
  1. Introduction of Islamic Economics System differing with the conventional economics
  2. The birth of human and relationship with the Creator Tawheed and importance of Human being as the custodian of all resources on earth.
  3. Islamic Economics Permission, Restriction and Application.
  4. Human participation and benefits through Islamic Economics.
  5. Social Development concept and priorities in economics activities.
  6. Concept of Zakat, Sadaqat and Qarze-e-Hasana
Title: Riba and Finance
Duration: Three days with 4 hours teaching a day
Topics Covered:
  1. Introduction to the concept of Riba
  2. Difference, application and effects of Riba, Interest and Profit in the economic life of the humanity.
  3. Riba free financial system introduction and background
  4. Riba free financial products, Introduction, application and execution.
  5. Numerically application of input and output methods of financing through Ratio in participation.
  6. Guiding method of financial appraisal using P-12 formula.
  7. Types of Riba that determine 64 categories of Riba acts in monitory system
Title: Framework of Islamic Bank under Islamic Financial System
Duration: Two days
Topics Covered:
  1. Introduction and Background of Islamic Banking
  2. History of Finance and link to Islamic Finance
  3. Riba base banking and Riba Less Banking system
  4. Modes of financial services and products in Islamic Banking
  5. Economic perimeters for Islamic Banking.

Course Conductor

Program Consultant Islamic Banking & Applied Finance

Professional Experience
  • Professional Islamic & conventional banker with 26 years experience in active banking & finance.
  • ​Trained and taught more than 8,000 professionals and students in Islamic Banking, Finance and Economics.
  • Develop courses on Islamic Banking, Islamic Economics & Finance, Islamic Jurisprudence, Takaful, Commercial Banking Management and Media Law, including and prepared transcripts through 18 years of extensive research carried for these programs.
  • Wrote over 43 articles on Islamic Financial and Economics system, Socio Economic and general topics.
  • Media Broadcaster and contributor to number of print and electronic media companies. ​