Pathway Global joins hands with CWSC to assist deserving students to get trained as Financial Analysts in 3 months and get job interview calls..

Pathway Global Training Programs prepares Graduates, Career Changers, Jobseekers and Migrants for Jobs in IT, Banking, Business and Financial Analysis arenas. “If you’re driving Uber or doing odd jobs, a refugee or migrant, then our high quality practical training programs can prepare you with the right job skills to land respectable office jobs with a […]

Pathway Global Launches Training Programs to Prepare New Graduates, Career Changers, Jobseekers and Migrants for Top-level Jobs, on Indiegogo, Michigan, United States.

Michigan-based training company, Pathway Global, is excited to announce the launch of an Indiegogo campaign for their IT, Banking and Strategic Financial Analyst training programs. This and other Pathway Global training programs are designed to pave the way for students to land top-level jobs in the fields of Finance, Banking and IT. “If you’re a […]