Live Trainings

Digital Marketing Live Training

Price-$499 only

You’re looking for a complete digital marketing course to teach you everything you need to become a digital marketing expert, right? You’ve found the right digital marketing course!

Financial Analyst Live Training

Price-$2900 only

Be a financial analyst in 12 weeks and receive job placement assistance with guaranteed interview calls. We have trained and helped in placing many qualified, CPA, CGAs, CMAs, and recent graduates.

Quickbooks Online Quick Start

Price-$499 only

This course will introduce the basics of using Quickbooks Online. It will present the day to day functions for an administrator to work with customer, vendor, employee and banking transactions and more

Video Recorded Courses

IT Networking Courses Package

Price-$49 only

Welcome to the Complete Network Fundamentals Course! In this course, you will learn the technologies that keep the world as you know today connected and running.

Cyber Security Courses Package

Price-$49 only

Learn a practical skill-set in defeating all online threats, including – advanced hackers, trackers, malware, zero days, exploit kits, cybercriminals and more. Become a Cyber Security Specialist.

Business Skills Courses Package

Price-$49 only

Getting your psychology optimized to maximize productivity strategies. Here you will find all the necessary business skills courses that will make you perfect for the next job!

Office Productivity Courses Package

Price-$49 only

Microsoft Office is the #1 office software used by +1 billion people worldwide. While many are familiar with Microsoft Office’s basic features, few people know about its more advanced capabilities….

Project Management Courses Package

Price-$49 only

Project management is an exciting place to be. Project managers help shape the success of organizations, implement new technology, change the business landscape,

IT Service Management Courses Package

Price-$49 only

This course is for both business and IT managers. The course main goal is to deliver the best IT management practices, and help both IT and business managers create business value by using IT services.