We offer Escrow services to buyers, sellers, and broker clients through independent subsidiary PATHWAY GLOBAL ESCROW, LLC. through an escrow account agreement via an escrow account in Bank of America in Detroit, MI, USA.


Pathway Global LLC (Parent Holding Co.) offers Escrow services to B2B buyer, seller and broker clients through its independent subsidiary PATHWAY GLOBAL ESCROW, LLC. through an escrow account agreement through an escrow account in Bank of America in Detroit, MI, USA.

Buyer will not be charged any fees for escrow services if it makes a transaction through one of our Pathway affiliate program alliance partners.

This is how it works:

This is similar to bank guarantee for both buyer and seller with complete mutual control under the binding legal escrow agreement signed by all the parties, in addition to NCNDA.

1. Buyer and Seller will sign NDA with pathway global escrow company.

2. And they will send request letter instructing Pathway Global Escrow LLC USA for Escrow services.

3. Sale Purchase Agreement (SPA) and all other transaction documents will be disclosed to the BOA for KYC along with the step by step process flow of the transaction with instructions to execute payments as you wish – the good thing is that you have total control of the funds – as per the terms of our escrow agreement you tell me what amount to send to whom. We are liable under US Laws If we don’t follow your exact instructions to the dot!
So no risk to you, as you might have in dealing with other 3rd parties.

4. Both Buyer and Seller will sign our Escrow Agreement with us.

Buyer and seller have to sign KYC forms of Bank of America for the Pathway Global Escrow Account.

The escrow account will be used for funding transaction disbursements as per strict terms and conditions, agreed in SPA between buyer and seller.

We shall open a dedicated specific Escrow account for your deal’s payment processing per your instructions – with Bank of America to execute your closing transaction.

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Looking forward to your kind cooperation in mutual success iA.

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Pathway Global, LLC (Parent Company)
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Disclaimer / Note:

Our business is fully compliant with US rules and regulations.

We do NOT stock up and we do NOT do price gouging on unsuspecting customers.

Our mark ups remain at 10% or less of the transaction amount or as allowed by the applicable anti-price gouging laws.

Our business is B2B wholesale in bulk quantities and at competitive market prices.

5% of our net income will go to charity.


DISCLAIMER: Pathway Global LLC dba Pathway Gear is not regulated by the FSA, CSSF, or SEC. We do not provide any financial advice whatsoever to US persons or to any other entities. We are international private investors’ platform designed to connect potential parties, which are qualified, accredited high net worth entities, together. We offer general information provided by third parties only and are not intended to be relied upon by individuals or institutions for making any specific investment or purchase decisions as accredited and institutional investors or buyers, and hence we are not responsible for any losses, errors or omissions suffered by any entity in their transactions.

Proper due diligence and external professional advice should be taken from other qualified parties before making any investments or purchase commitments.