Pathway Global’s policy is to allow students to evaluate the Financial Analyst Practical Training program thoroughly before registering and paying our fees. For this we allow students free LIVE training sessions and video recordings for deciding, if they think it will be useful for them or not. Once the student decides and pays the fee, then there will be no refund of the fees paid if they decide to withdraw afterwards.

However, video recordings of the actual training classes will remain with the student in their Webex logins for as long as we offer the training program. It is the responsibility of the student to read and understand this NO REFUND policy on our website before deciding to register and pay our fees.

Upon payment of fees, students are provided our full training material and access to software. Once the content are given electronically it is impossible to be returned back to us. If we allow refund then it will not be fair to us as otherwise everyone might ask for refund after getting the material. What we offer instead of refund is the commitment that they can rejoin classes anytime later, to repeat indefinite number of times as well as keep the complete set of recordings of full course contents. We sometimes let them transfer the login password to their family or a friend, within the first one month after registration, if they want to exit the course.


Pathway Global offers 7 day money back guarantee. Students can request for a refund if they change mind or unsatisfied with the training services.


Pathway Global’s e-Learning courses fees are non-refundable.