Pathway Global Launches Training Programs to Prepare New Graduates, Career Changers, Jobseekers and Migrants for Top-level Jobs, on Indiegogo, Michigan, United States.



Michigan-based training company, Pathway Global, is excited to announce the launch of an Indiegogo campaign for their IT, Banking and Strategic Financial Analyst training programs.

This and other Pathway Global training programs are designed to pave the way for students to land top-level jobs in the fields of Finance, Banking and IT.

“If you’re a recent graduate, career changer, jobseeker doing Uber or odd jobs, refugee or migrant, then our high quality practical training programs can prepare you with the right job skills to land respectable office jobs with a higher pay,” said the sponsors.

“We also offer over 160 customized online courses in our online LMS system which cover IT Service Management, PMP Exam Prep for Project Management, Cyber Security, Software Development, Business Office Skills and Microsoft Office Productivity.”

For aspiring entrepreneurs, knowledge workers and professionals, there is nothing quite as important as ongoing education. Pathway Global (PG) stands for ongoing education of outstanding quality in various relevant specialities.

With staggering consistency, PG training programs deliver effective, meaningful educational opportunities to their clients, with 99% job placement results (over 650 students were placed on jobs in last 5 years via affiliates like ICIT Canada).

As a dedicated training company, their mission is nothing short of changing lives.

The Financial Analyst Practical Training Program is built with the world’s most forward–thinking companies. Expert affiliated project reviewers, mentors and coaches ensure that you’re job-ready. You get all the skills, tools, knowledge and experience to work in any position from junior to senior level. This is a very effective program and gets students guaranteed interview calls.

Students of the Strategic Financial Analyst program will complete modules in Beginners to Advanced Microsoft Excel, SAP FI (Financial Information), SAP CO (Controlling), and BI (Business Intelligence), becoming expert problem solvers and data analysts in business finance and marketing, doing budgeting, planning, reporting and forecasting using state of the art database intelligence tools.

The live instructor led vocational training program includes practical exercises on actual office files that give students opportunities to apply what they have learned and practice the skills they need, along with updated resume writing and interviewing skills to land the perfect job immediately after graduation, changing careers, or after landing in a new country as a fresh migrant or refugee.

“We have come to you, Indiegogo, to raise additional funding to support our scholarship capital for helping our needy students waiting to register in our Training Programs due to lack of funds,” the team explained, “Our current funding goal is $ 100k, and every dollar that we raise toward that goal helps our needy job seeking students tremendously.

As a thank-you, we are offering some exciting rewards for all contributors, as our way of recognizing the critical role that you are playing in our students’ career growth and in our efforts to offering top-quality vocational training courses and job placement to deserving students stuck in low paying odd jobs.”

In exchange for pledging to the project, backers can gain access to a variety of continuing rewards including 6-month free access to our business finance and IT courses on our online LMS system, where they can access over 160 courses / 1500 training videos – on demand (project backers can also choose to sponsor a student for financial analyst practical training job placement program for only US$ 1,950/- each-we contribute the rest of US$ 1000/- to cover affiliate fees, etc.) This will allow enrollment in a 3-month Strategic Financial Analyst (SFA) live instructor led practical training program giving them 3 years worth of job skills and experience (in just 3 months) which will go on their resumes with job interview call guarantee (T&C apply).

So all students can enroll in the SFA program and get the LMS access as FREE bonus extra!

For more information, please visit the Indiegogo page here or contact the office below.

Contact Information:

Phone: 1-716-292-9571 (USA)